20 Unusual Office Chair Designs

No question, it would be quite hard if not  impossible to spend the day at an office without any chairs. Merriam-Webster refers to a  chair as “a seat typically having four legs and a back for one person“. Yet, many of the examples presented here don’t match that description. Decide for yourself whether you would like to call one of these examples for unusual office chairs your favorite.


 1. Surf Chair Workstation


found at: weburbanist.com, Designer: Claire Danthois

2. Exercise Ball Chair

Exersise Ball Chair

found at: power-systems.com


 3. Ergonomic Kneeling Stool from Boss

Kneeling stool

found at: officemax.com

 4. Desk Chair


found at: dc730kacompactdrillblackfriday.com

“Nature is by and large to be found out of doors,
a location where, it cannot be argued,
there are never enough comfortable chairs.”
Fran Lebowitz

 5. Cube Chair aka “Untitled Chair”

Cube-chair 1


found at: freshome.com

6. Apple Chair

apple chair

found at: ph.all.biz

7. Office Chair Strength Trainer

Strength trainer

found at: hammacher.com

8. The Slightly Uncomfortable Chair

slightly uncomforable chair

found at: todayandtomorrow.net

“As I was sitting in my chair,
I knew the bottom wasn’t there,
Nor legs nor back, but I just sat,
Ignoring little things like that.”
Huges Mearns  

9. Chakra Chair

chakra chair

Found at: architectorgallery.ru  design by Karim Rashid

10. Glass Chair

glass chair

found at: artnet.com  design: Shiro Kuramata

11. Wave Chair with Laptopdesk


found at: dreamfunhouse.com

12. Wooden Float Chair

float chair

found at: futurefashion.com

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
Albert Einstein 

 13. Banana Chair


found at: wamhouse.pl and technabob.com

14. Vespa Chair


found at: belybel.com


15. Wool Felt Chair

Felt chair

found at: pba.masteredit.com


16. Rocking Office Chair

Rocking chair-1

found at: stores.advancedinteriordesigns.com

“It isn’t so much what’s on the table that matters, as what’s on the chairs.”
Sir William Schwenck Gilbert 

17. Egg Chair

Egg chair

found at: inmod.com

18. Wooden Chair

wooden chair

found at: canadianwoodworks.com

19. Backbone Chair


found at: ohgizmo.com, Producer: anthro.com

 20. Ejection Seat


found at: motoart.com

20 unusual office chair designs – last updated 10/31/2012

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