bulb_ftWhen we need solutions we have to come up with ideas. Those are precious, because they are needed right there and then. But don’t we all have the most incredible ideas when we don’t need them? Usually they even come in moments when it is hard to process them, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable for us.

This is why we should try to capture them as fresh as possible. I use the Drafts app or Evernote to quickly jot down everything I deem valuable. Have you ever spent hours pondering about what this brilliant insight was you had the other day? If I am sure you’ll value any method that makes sure you capture your ideas. Of course your method should also ensure you are able find this ideas when you need them.

You should also make sure to review and consider actually acting on your ideas from time to time, because a good idea without action is wasted. I do this once a week in Asana where I have a project set up with all of my ideas. The great thing about Asana is that you can easily rank your tasks, i.e. ideas in this case. But of course you can use anything similar, even a shoe box with notes would suffice.

Acting on your ideas is the fastest method to find out whether they are good or bad. The fear of this happening is often what holds us back in the first place.

We do want to act on our ideas if we are honest with ourselves, regardless of all doubts and fears. So how about you pick one idea every month?
As soon as my favorite ideas become projects I think about how many resources (money & time) I will need and who could help me with the implementation. This is all I need to come up with a road map to eventually turn my ideas into action, which is of course a whole other story…

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