Running, Mind Mapping, Math and Good Art

Sunday-SnackThe last six months, my medium weekly written word count has been 40,853 words according to Grammarly. That’s over 5,000 words a day! I am pretty sure this number is off by at least a factor five. But as it goes with metrics, often the trend means more than the actual numbers. And for me, that means I am writing a lot more compared to a year ago.

However, on the flip side, I don’t publish as much anymore. Most of what I write are notes, emails and confidential reports not many will ever see. When every word I write stands against at least ten words I’ve consumed reading, watching or listening to content, then there is a lot of valuable information that remains underutilized.

So, I decided to put some of the best material I stumble over during my research or while actively procrastinating in short posts like this one; hoping that some of it may turn out to be useful for you. (more…)