Welcome to the new DarnOffice career section. Finding a new job is difficult. The road is long from overwhelming job search to multiple resume and cover letter designs over to frightening interviews and bargaining about benefits and salary before a new job is finally secured. In this section we would like to shed some light on questions we have asked ourselves in the past. Now you may wonder…


What do we even know?

I do not work in human resources (HR) – I want to make that clear from the start – but I happen to be in a position where form time to time I can decide who gets the new position. At the same time I am always on the lookout for a good career opportunity, which makes me a frequent job applicant myself. It is always good to assess your value on the job market and keep your irons in the fire even if you are not in the immediate need of a new job. This can be helpful when your current position is on question or you planning to ask for a raise.

Being in the position to decide who gets the job I realize a lot of  the errors I made in the past when I applied for jobs. The worst of them was being afraid.

Many routes will lead you to your next job and the only person in the way of it is you.  The job exists that fits your experience and personality. All you need to do is shine and know who you are. When you think you need to be someone you are not for a position, then it is simply not the right job for you.


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