dont-do-it-ChuckReally, don’t.
Did you ever happen to sit in front of someone like in a bus, a theater or a conference, and you could have sworn this person was staring right at the back of your head?

So you turned around and of course the person was looking right at you. You turned back again to face the front, but now started to feel quite uncomfortable because you knew this person kept looking at you.

Then the back of your head started to itch. So you scratch once, maybe twice, but before the third time you stop yourself. Let’s try to focus on the talk…

Of course that doesn’t work for long. There is still this uncomfortable getting- stared-at feeling. Okay, now you turn around once more. Oh, alright he is now pretending to be really interested in the talk and looks right past you. But then when you turn back, just as your eyes move away you see this look again in the corner of your eye. Staring right at you…

Don’t be the weird guy of this situation and turn around again. Really, don’t.
That’s hard to keep up, right?

How about you try not to blink for the next 30 seconds?

Or you try not to feel thirsty for 5 minutes? Ah, just one sip…

How about you try not to waste time the next time you are sitting on your computer?

How about you stop trying? How about you start doing something else instead?

I’ve written about the Power of Don’t before. Let’s just replace the things we want to avoid by doing something else. It gets you so much further to focus more on the dos and less on the don’ts.

After all you can only write a book by writing words and not by not watching TV.

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