Human or Robot

As you embark on this journey of yet another work week, ask yourself: “Am I still human or have I become a robot?

Don’t you sometimes feel like we are on the best way to becoming robots?

We humans love consistency and structure. Being safe in our caves before nightfall protected us from falling prey to predators that were better adapted to nocturnal life than us. Following the same trails protected us from getting lost, drinking from the same water source from getting sick. In short, consistent behavior kept us safe. Rules and habits helped us survive and evolve to the modern human that we are now. As a heritage of those darker prehistoric times we still easily snap into routines. That is how we like it and always have.

However, when we think about the great developments of humankind, we value them because at the time they happened they represented significant deviations from the norm.
A well was dug because someone didn’t want to fetch water from the river anymore. Clubs were switched for spears because someone didn’t want another scar. We have vacuum cleaners because somehow beating a rug every Saturday had lost its appeal.
You can argue whether and how we are better off than our ancestors. Sure is, without these deviations we would still sit in caves.

As you wake up, check your phone, eat the same breakfast, get to and from work, all in the same fashion every day, how about you think about what can you do differently today?

When was the last time you stopped in your tracks to smell a flower, watch a squirrel, or notice anything else that can’t be re-watched on YouTube? Actually, when was the last time you took a stroll?

When was the last time you noticed how you felt and intentionally took some action to prolong or change this feeling?

When did you last take a different turn at a traffic light, just to see where to road leads you?

Life is how you live every single day. Robot or human? Decide now. Do it consciously.