The two methods to highlight or select text in Word are using either the mouse or the keyboard. These methods also work in the most text based applications (Wordpad, Text Editor, Power Point, Internet pages)


Using the mouse to select text in Word

Move to Mouse cursor to the start of the text you want to select then click and hold the left mouse button while moving over the text. Release the mouse button when you are done.

Now you can either right click to select an option from the context menu or use one of the keyboard shortcuts e.g. CTRL + C to copy and CTRL +V to paste the selected text into another document. When you hold CTRL you can select another piece of text at the same time.

 right click context menu

Using the keyboard to select text in Word

Place the cursor in front of the first word of the text you want to select and the press and hold SHIFT while you use right arrow key to highlight letter for letter.  Pressing and holding SHIFT + CTRL at the same time lets you select word by word. The table below lists a couple of useful combinations.

To select text from the cursor to the Press 
end of the line CTRL + END
beginning of the line CTRL + HOME
end of the document SHIFT+CTRL+END
beginning of the document  SHIFT+CTRL+HOME
beginning of the next word SHIFT+CTRL+RIGHT ARROW
beginning of the current word SHIFT+CTRL+LEFT ARROW

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