Travel Tip No2: Bring Your Own Water Bottle

In-the-air-200ftStaying hydrated is important to avoid headaches, which I easily get while traveling. I used to always drink the offered free sodas or coffee only, but realized that is not enough. Now, I always bring my own water bottle with me. I fill it up with water at a water fountain after the safety check or buy some, if there is no free source of safe drinking water available.

While on the plane, I keep it topped off to make sure, I can stay hydrated when I want. This simple method has added much to my well-being while on a plane. The water as well as a remedy against head-ache (just in case), chewing-gum, and some cereal bars are my most basic travel essentials to keep me in a good mood while traveling.


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Travel Tip No1: Feel Fresh with Baby Wipes

In-the-air-200Brad Pitt dropped this tip during an in an interview years ago. The question was about what he does to feel good after these endless transcontinental flights. His answer was “I use baby wipes”!

And it is true, unscented baby wipes are ideal for use as a wash cloth on long flights. Use them shortly before you land to get rid of the sweaty, slept-in-clothes feeling. You will feel even better if you can change into fresh cloths afterwards. I usually try to have a couple of fresh T-shirts in my hand luggage. This really makes a difference.

If you can get the wipes in a travel pack, then they don’t take up more space than a cell phone. For less than a buck they are one of my travel essentials.

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