How to Always Deliver and Never Lose Sight of The Big Picture

Hit-it400Running out of time, money or motivation are the main reasons for not delivering. In this post I will show you a method to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Would you say tying your shoelaces is difficult? A formidable craft? I hope not. It is not like we see someone on the street and admire his ability to tie his laces. “Nice bunny ears you’ve going on. Kudos!”

If we had to wear laced shoes every day, even if no one ever taught us how, I guess, we would come up with a method to get our laces tied and un-tied easily pretty soon.

The method this post is dedicated to is in its way similar. Almost embarrassingly simple, often a mere consequence of experience. But crucial if you want to always deliver, because you will always know where you are going.

I am all about the big picture, so forget all the nifty productivity tools and time management hacks for a moment. If you want to deliver then this one comes first. The best part is, I am a 100% sure you’ve used this method already. But here it is about doing it consciously and intentionally.

The key word is Parallel Progression. (more…)