The Productivity Trap – Don’t be ‘Goat Productive’

I am convinced never before in history of mankind have so many people been so obsessed with their self-improvement. Those who are privileged enough to have internet access have the opportunity to learn whatever they want. The information is all there and available to grasp and convert. With all the things we want and can do there is only really one resource we can’t bootstrap, and this is time.┬áSo it is no wonder that there are also virtually limitless resources and tools available to help us being more productive. The over-hyped key words are ‘Productivity’ and ‘Time Management’.

Time Management is so great and we love it, because we all love to manage. We now have Sanitary Facility Managers, Front Desk Managers, Office Supply Managers, etc. And of course myriads of Time Managers, and all they manage is their own time…



What happened to doing?