Focusing on Elephants – Inattentional Blindness

elephant-200In Propagation of Truth I gave examples for of how our perceived truth can be quite different from reality. Which means, actual facts can be the morphed into generalizations, exaggerations or falsifications of a true core or just be a one-sided account of a complicated situation.

So we justly like to say that we only believe what we see. And here you may correctly interrupt and ask “What about optical illusions?” Brusspup’s Youtube channel for example is full of great examples of how our brain can be tricked into “seeing” what is not real.

And also true, at times we prefer to ignore an obvious issue because it is too inconvenient to acknowledge its existence. The elephant in the room remains intentionally ignored. But what if we focus really hard on finding one specific problem? Can it happen that we miss the bigger one, the real elephant? (more…)

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The Power of Don’t

donotenterB200 If you are currently spending your time on a deserted Island and you found a hard copy of this post attached to a hidden immunity idol, then read on. It may help you with the other guys. Well, and if you don’t know what I am talking about then you’ve just been part of very ineffective communication.

More than anything when we communicate we want our message to be understood. Our body language and the way, how we say what we say can support our message and influence the degree of understanding. We don’t want to send mixed signals. Saying “Oh, yes you’ve got my full attention” while checking the latest tweets on your cell phone obviously doesn’t fly.

These signals aside, the most important signals are the words we speak and write. Effective communication is short and clear. However, if you want to complicate your life then use ‘don’t‘ as much as possible.

Using ‘don’t’ creates attention, but unfortunately to the wrong message.


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