Are you driving these Windows Explorer click sounds crazy? It doesn’t make sense to mute your PC just because you opened the Win Explorer. You can get rid of them easily and forever.


Windows 7 and Vista

In the Sound options window scroll down to Windows Explorer select Start Navigation and in the menu to sounds choose None (top). Save and that is it. No more clicking sounds

Win7 Sound window

How to get there?

A) The shortest route is to enter “mmsys.cpl” in the Menu search box:

mmsyscplB) You can also enter “sound” in the menu search box, which is probably easier to remember but gives more results.

C) The old fashioned method would be to go over Control panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Sound

Control panel

Hardware and SoundNo matter how you get there, but this is the way to correctly stop these pesky click sounds from driving you nuts.


Windows XP

Want to get rid of click sounds of Windows Explorer in Windows XP? Here is how.

Under Windows XP you need to go to “Sounds and Audio Devices Properties”, select the Sounds tab and scroll down to Windows Explorer, select Start Navigation and assign (no sound) which should be on top of the list.


How to get there?

Start -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices (Classic view)

or in Category view : Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices -> Sounds and Audio Devices