Simplicity_3If you ever tried to hold your breath for as long as possible,  you know what one thought occupied your thinking right before you gave up. You wanted nothing more than the next breath.

Ever hit your thumb with a hammer? Same thing. Just one thought.

People get addicted to extreme sports because they want to relive moments of clarity when only survival matters.

There is something beautiful about the number one. There is no “and” and there is no “or“. Just one, nothing else. No distractions, no questions.


Yet, we are not inherently drawn to simplicity. We usually want more of the good stuff not less.

And because I am just the same, I made a list of what simplicity means to me and why I want to strive for it.

If you want to pretend to be an expert, then try using a language no one understands, like tech-speak, legalese, or Latin. The true professional, however, can explain the most complicated topics in simple words that everybody understands.

Prepare clear, uncomplicated plans and concise orders to ensure thorough understanding.

Everything in war is very simple, but the simple thing is difficult. To the uninitiated, military operations are not difficult. **Simplicity contributes to successful operations**. Simple plans and clear, concise orders minimize misunderstanding and confusion. Other factors being equal, the simplest plan is preferable. Simplicity is especially valuable when soldiers and leaders are tired. Simplicity in plans allows better understanding and troop leading at all echelons and permits branches and sequels to be more easily understood and executed.

U.S. Army Field Manual 100-5: Operations, Chapter 2: The Fundamentals of Army Operations

Be one with your principles and never deviate. The truth is always easier remembered than lies. Integrity is simple. Everything else is hard.

Always hang your keys on the same hook. You’ll never have to look for them ever again.

You can aim for simplicity to keep your life in balance. For example, always use one calendar for everything and block times for personal and/or family activities ahead of time. Stick with all your appointments and life is good.

No excuses. You know what to do. Do it!

Tomorrow will come, and it will go. Yesterday has happened and won’t come back. It’s done. Cut out the noise. Right now is what matters, right now is good. Have awareness for this moment.

Imagine your project is completely failing. Treat everything that happened as the result of your decisions. You think someone else messed up? That’s on you, nevertheless. It may sound harsh, but you don’t have any excuses. If something went wrong, it was because you didn’t prepare for it. It’s hard, but also so simple.

Life is full of obstacles. You can be angry, complain, be desperate or give up as much as you want. It won’t solve your problem. Only you accepting it and dealing with it will.

If you don’t care about the causes, you may have to treat the symptoms forever. Depth matters, because not how much you read counts, but how much you understand. Think about it.

You don’t need external reasons for why you do what you do. You do it because you love it. And because you love it, you give your best. Either it’s enough or not. That’s no longer in your hand. There is no place for doubt.

Do one thing until it’s done. Show relentless focus, be unstoppable.

Thank you.