More than anything Darn Office is about elephants.
Yes, I am serious. It’ll make sense in a second, trust me. For once are elephants the largest land animals on earth and still they are easily startled by something as little as a mouse.  This makes them a good metaphor for us giving up for the dumbest reasons.

And there is also the Elephant in the room which is an “obvious major problem or issue that people avoid discussing or acknowledging” (Merriam-Webster). We often think addressing problems is bad. It is inconvenient and no one wants to ruin the party. Until these problems blow up to elephants. On the other hand, we often are actually unable to see them, because we either don’t know how or we are simply looking at them from the wrong perspective. Small changes can have big effects.

If you are wondering,  Darn Office is not about office tools, making money online, fitness consulting, social media marketing, or SEO optimization
…and it is not a productivity blog.

This site is about solving problems, learning to see things differently, and my continuous attempt to get better at… well… life. At the end of the day what most of us have in common, is the fear of living below our potential. Let’s not do that.

Meet Alex

Alex-200Alex is a professional problem solver (non-official job description) and trained scientist with a PhD. in Chemistry and Urban Water Management and several years of work experience in Engineering and Microbiology. He currently works in Southern California on projects that combine all these three (and more) disciplines. He has been involved in multi-national projects in the U.S., Europe, and India all with the main goal of protecting public health. Through his experience living and working in different countries and collaborating with people with very different backgrounds he has learned how much difference a different point of view can make. Alex is passionate about solving problems and sometimes writes about himself in the third person.

Why the name Darn Office?

Because you are not limited by four walls. And a computer is just a tool (so is a smartphone, btw). Now take the red pill.

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At Last

Everything I am writing is based on my experience and my beliefs but I do absolutely not claim to know it all or to have the only valid solution. The world is huge and so is the Internet. If you don’t like my style, or my ideas don’t work for you, then I am sure, you will find someone who gets you. But if you want to invest the energy, I am always happy to receive constructive comments and emails. I appreciate the effort.