SpineThe first quarter of the year is over, which is a good reason to look back and evaluate how we are doing with our goals for 2014.

I am the first to admit that I am not absolutely happy with my progress. Well I rarely am, but I know that I have been too comfortable with just being busy.

By following the habit of setting up a weekly plan (see resources page) I managed to know pretty well how much I can realistically get done in a week a the moment. That helped me to get a lot of things towards my big goals done.  

However, that is still not good enough. Often not the lack of progress is the problem, but the lack of meaningful progress.

You can read 100 books and not learn a thing, but stopping and taking conclusions can make the difference.

That’s the case with pretty much everything we do. To do things right we often need to be brave and willing to be uncomfortable.

And this is why it is time for me to show some spine. For me this means:

  • leaving the comfort zone of the usual busy and focus on the painful stuff (it’s like working out, the real progress starts when it hurts)
  • being honest about my fears (aka facing the inconvenient truth)
  • start doing what frightens me (because that will give me the biggest return)
  • saying “No” a lot more often (to others as well as to my inner child)


Care to join me? Let me know what you think!

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This is Quick Tip 30
photo credit: estherase via photopin cc