This is not the original post I wanted to publish today. I couldn’t stick with my plans because I got stuck writing the post I had planned. Well, that is not true, not at all. I couldn’t publish it because I sounded like a douchebag of the worst kind. I read what I wrote and hated myself. Then I wrote it again and deleted the whole thing. Then I started again. I couldn’t stop writing because I was unable to turn this mess around.

Do you know those moments when you know you should stop talking, but can’t? I’ve had these a lot. I believe it got better, but that may be wishful thinking on my side. I also write myself into dead ends a lot, which is fine. I Just start over and do it again. That is my idea of how to become better.
Eventually, I hope I’ll be able to always find the right words. Maybe that never happens, who knows.

Until then, I am very grateful for the ability to delete what I don’t like.

While we cannot undo things that happened, we can draw a line whenever we want. When you think a project has developed a dynamic of its own and goes into a direction you don’t like, draw a line and discuss it. When you think your life is heading in the wrong direction then draw a line, stop and reconsider.

We often wait for outside markers, like the end of the year, a birthday, a deadline, the end of a project, to look up and consider where we stand. But the great thing is, we can do it anytime.

The ability to draw a line when needed separates success from failure and unhappiness from wellbeing. Don’t you think?



Photo: Libertinus, This was Quick Tip No 59,