online-business-215If you do a lot of business online, you likely have so many accounts at vendors, email providers, professional organizations, financial institutions, etc. that is absolutely impossible to remember different passwords for all of them. Of course, the problem doesn’t stop in the office.

I almost feel like I am opening at least one account somewhere every week. For a long time, I created new passwords for every one of them, but I had to jot these down somewhere. Then it became difficult to keep track of all the new accounts and more often than not, I had to use the password recovery for accounts I haven’t visited in a long time. After a while, I just started to use one password for all of them, which is of course also not a good strategy.


If this sounds anything like you then I want to tell you what made my life much easier. It is LastPass, a very simple to use password manager, for easy login at all your sites. You set one master password to log into LassPass, and that’s all you’ll need to remember after that.

I know as nice that sounds it is also quite scary. It had taken me quite some reading before I trusted LastPass enough to use it myself. LastPass encrypts the master password  locally. You can add an additional layer of protection via multifactor identification like Grid or fingerprint identification, use of smart cards or USB drives and many others, even Google authentication.

The LastPass Password Manager supports password generation, site sharing and site logging. Not only passwords are automatically filled into online forms, but also other information for various online personas if you wish. I have either my personal or work information automatically filled in depending on what I do. This is, in addition to the password fill-in an extreme time saver.

I am using LastPass for almost half a year now and must say I am very happy with it. I just log into LastPass and from there on all I do is focus on what I need to work on and no longer the login processes. I’ve set it up such that LastPass is logged out when I close Chrome or I am inactive for 10 minutes and thus I feel quite save with it.



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