I still use Post-its to add notes to my printouts and letters, but there is one application that has completely changed how I take digital notes. You may think of Evernote, and yet there is one level before Evernote. Think about phone numbers, names, expenses, ideas for new posts, the Eureka idea, that needs to be jotted down. NOW.

You don’t want to tap through several screens, deal with labels, file names, etc. All you want to do is focus on getting this text down. Drafts for iOS helps you with that. When you open it you are greeted by an empty screen ready to be filled with your note.

If you don’t have time, you can just leave it there, it will stay in Drafts without saving. When you get back, you’ll find your note on top like in a real stack of notes. You can also archive old notes, pin the ones you want to access easily later or search through your stack with full text search.


Drafts allows you to send your note as a post to Facebook, tweet it to Twitter, set as a reminder, email it to recipients of your choice, save it to Evernote, or any other app installed. You can predefine all of these actions, e.g. the set the email recipient and/or the subject line or define the Evernote notebook and tags ahead of time.

So all you need to do is write and then push one button to send it. Text Expander, Markdown and voice recognition are also supported, which makes quickly jotting down your notes really easy and fast.

Or click the links to get the Drafts app for the iPhone or iPad.



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