ShopSavvyI am a sucker for any kind of tools. Digital or real-life? I don’t care. They are fantastic.

Had a bad day? Go home, build something out of wood, mess it up and then use your hammer to make it all good. Yes, a hammer is probably the greatest tool ever.

But okay, I don’t want to get too carried away here. Although, I recommend buying a good hammer, this is not actually my tip. Today’s tip has to do with how you can easily save time and money when you are shopping.

A few days ago we went to Toys’R Us to get a present for my niece. We found something, but there was no price tag anywhere to be found. So I thought I just scan it with my phone using a free app called ShopSavvy. No problem, it showed me the price within seconds, but to my surprise it also told me that Toys’R Us offers to match the $5 cheaper Walgreen’s price. And fair enough, I saved 25% on a toy that originally came $20.

The next day I ran out of printer ink and drove to the next BestBuy to buy a new cartridge. You can guess what happened, I checked the app and saved another 11%. Well, okay $1.70 may not be a lot, but that easily sums up over time. When I left the house I was prepared to pay close to $20 and ended up paying much less than that. I also checked some pricier items and found savings of over $50.


The actual main benefit for me is, that now I no longer have to waste time going to different stores, just because they have different promotions.

I thought I share that with you. You can click on the button below to download it for free.

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