If You Tossed Your iPhone into the Toilette

underwaterIf you tossed your iPhone into the toilette, your next steps depend on what your motivation was to do so. Are you the owner of an iPhone 5 or 5S you may have done it out of temper, because you couldn’t fathom how to free these 4.6 GB needed for the update to iOS 8.

Or it happened by accident, which is a good reason to be upset. Freaking out, like the guy in the bathroom stall next to me this week. He seriously freaked out after I heard the solid “splash”. It almost happened to me twice, so I could feel with him. To his luck I knew just what to do in this situation. However, he added to his misfortune by running out without hearing me out. Or washing his hands, which may be even worse for that matter. I found him hours later on a bench outside our offices, his face buried in his hands…


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How to take a screenshot on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

You want to know how to take a screenshot on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?  I was wondering how all these images of inside the iPhone apps were taken when I saw that my little daughter had created a whole collection on my iPhone when I looked at my photo album. When a 3-year old can do it then it has to be easy, right? And it is. How many buttons do you have on an iPhone? Yupp, exactly two. All you need to do is press them both.


screenshot on iPhone

Two buttons for taking a screenshot on iPhone

1. Press Home and On/Off buttons at the same time. The screen will flash white and you will hear the shutter sound, unless you are on mute of course.

2. You can access your screenshots in Camera Roll. For the iPod Touch that would be Saved Photos.


iPhone screenshot to album


It’s as easy as that. No need to install a special screenshot app.


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