One Difficult Update – The Art of Letting Go

Sometimes we are unhappy for the wrong reasons. Thus, it is simply irrational to be unhappy about not posting DO updates in time, when I never set a deadline. Believe me, deadlines matter if you want to get things done. Although I wanted to post an update somewhat sooner, I am quite happy with my progress over the last weeks since the first update.


I have added and revised a couple important pages like the About, Getting Started, and Resources pages to help visitors on DO to take the most out of it.

And of course I’ve worked on optimizing the site in the background, re-arranged the categories and wrote a couple of  posts. Among these I have finally completed my post about my online time savers. But I am even more happy about putting out the Five Golden Rules for Effective Action, which is actually a unit of 6 posts. These will help me on My Personal Quest (MPQ).

As start signal for my progress towards goal number 2 (work with my wife) of my personal quest I launched another website a few weeks ago.

In April I also started a Fiverr-experiment (update: now The Hundred Dollar Challenge) to do something I would usually not do (Goal 1: Do more stuff). I am also exploring how much potential Fiverr has to help me towards Goal 4 (more income). (more…)